Saturday, October 30, 2010


few things happened to me lately~
*I just finished my exam.which means I finished my studies as well!!! :D
*I need to find my job ! ^_^
*tomorrow is my birthday. *!
*tomorrow I'm going to meet him~ *miss him muchhh! can't wait ! ♥ ♥
*tomorrow is my last day here. staying at this room, this house, this college. *sad :(
*last night I went out for the last time with my close friends.*happy :)

Monday, October 25, 2010


he: sunday morning call wit ♥

me: that's just the way ♥ goes today

Thursday, October 21, 2010


I Miss You, muchhh ! (-_-)"

Friday, October 15, 2010

the love quotes for me? LUV IT !

awk2, u r the greatest thing about me and every part of u is a part of me ^.^

tbe2 rindu sgt.cant stop thinkin about you.

thinkin bout ur smile, laugh, ngade2, when u blush ee sng ckp everything la.

miss every moment when we together ^_^

wheee~ luv it sgt ! luv laaa..since it's been 2months we're together...he said these to me...

" its been 2 months n going strong.our luv story.last forever.luv it cos we done it our own way :)

sweet sgt awk ! ILYSMVM ! mwaahhhhhmuahhhhmuaxxx :)

Thursday, October 7, 2010


now Im all alone in my bedroom. no roomate, no housemates, just me.
well, what do I feel now? guess?? for sure laa LONELY.
so, when I feel LONELY. I want him to accompany me. I expect him to at least text me tonight. I have been waiting for his text, It has been a while, and now Im freakin bored ! ~.~ feel like almost want to burst out to tears. but, I just let myself calm, and wait for his text. while doing so, I'am surfing the internet, listening to love songs, (which obviously will reminds me of him.yes, him =.=) facebooking, listening to those songs he dedicated to me while waiting, and waiting. still. no text from him. I wonder, what is he doing now. have he eaten. miss him much ! ouh~
last conversation I had with him was during this afternoon, its before he went to his class at 2pm. I called him. he said that he didn't expect that I would call him at that time. and I'm glad to hear it from him. and now, I have been wonder, Is he expecting for me to call him again tonight? ouh mannn..crazy missing him..did he feel the same? plz..awak, do text me..I need you now.. :(

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

yayy !

sukee sukee..
I told him, I takde duit. duit I tinggal 3 ringgit je. I wanna go homeeee ! :'(
then...guess what he said..? tadaaaa...~~
"erm, sy hantar awak balik la..nak?"
(OMG ! nak.nak.nak !! )
oUh. itu bukanlah jawapanku sebenarnye, I acted like cool.. I cakap,
" eh, xpela.susahkan awak boleh balik sendiri :) "
OH jawapan mengada-ngada sungguh, padahal mahu sangat ur bf hantar..AIYOOO! :(
well...I still got another chance la sayanggg..tadi, dia tanya I lagi, " minggu ni awak balik x?"
and I replied, "balik kot..rindu rumah :( "
he says, " erm..saye hantar awak balik nak? :) "
and this time........ I replied... " mmm...tak pe ke nie..? susahkan awak je.."
he says, " tak pe la..kecian kat awak. bukan selalu pun..okay :) "
I pun cakap lah, dengan malu-malu, tapi MAHU..I reply macam ni....
" mmm...kalau awak x kesah, okay la ^_^ hihi "
thats how it is.....ngeeee...
Ookay, siapa tak suka kalau bf dia nak hantar dia balik rumah???? of course la I sukaaaa kan...sukaaa sangattttt...hahaha..chance ni bukan selalu I dapat. macam bila dia dah offer tu kan..I should just grab it !! this is the time nak jumpa dengan dia..tu yang penting ye tuan-tuan dan puan-puan :)) ngeeee

I ♥ this upcoming Friday~~*

SAYANGGGG AWAK..muahmuahmuah :P

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

hati awak ade dalam hati saya

macam agak kelakar, tapi, shweet, sikit romantic, and boleh tahan jiwang jugak lah bila dia cakap macam tu dekat saya. :) it's all begin when............

saya timbulkan semula isu yang dia cakap dia sebenarnya rindu saya tapi, he acted cool and sebagai lelaki dia kena tabah tapi, dalam hati taman jugak la..huhu..(fineee :P)
bila saya timbulkan isu tu, then, dia reply, "sy mmg cool, macho je, tapi, bile dengan gf sy lemah cket..hehe" oh fineeee..and I was like, "oo..mcm tu akn simpan dlm minda sy kate2 awk ni :P" dia pun cakap yang sepatutnya awk kene simpan dalam hati. ooh..okay, sy simpan dalam hati :))

andddd there goes our conversation pasal hati.... :)
dia : macam tu la. dlm hati sy pulak memang ade hati awak.. ^_O
saya : haha..yeke awk.eee ^^bgs la klaw mcm tu, sy pn nk simpan ati awk dlm ati sy laa. ngeee
dia : hehe..hati awk dengan hati sy dah bersatu. ^^
saya : alolo, simpan hati saya tu elok2 taw~ jangan bagi dy lari..huhu
dia : yela..takut sgt org curik taw..
saya : tu la. jge elok2 taw hati sy tu.
dia : ye, sy jage dy elok2. tapi, hati sy dengan hati awk dah bersatu so, susa nk renggangkn, kalw ade org tarik2 smpai pecah berkecai dy smash jgk kan.. tu la..tu yg jd hati hancur tu.berkecai...huhuhu
♥ ♥

*yang plg shweeeet bila dy nk end call..dia cakap lagi those words...."ok awk. i luv you..hati awak ade dalam hati saya :)) "